Bangkok, Thailand

Just had to visit Khao Sarn Road when I stopped for the night in Bangkok on my way home. Not the same as it used to be when I backpacked here with Camilla back in ’95, but sure feels great to be back. Got talked into taking a ride with a motorcycle instead of tuk-tuk back to the hotel and had a crazy near-death experience. Listen to my advice: Never ever hop on the back of a motorcycle and head out into the Bangkok traffic. Never!

Taiwan, Taipei 101

Finally arriving in Taiwan! What an awesome place. Almost surreal and lots of contrasts, when walking down the busy streets around Taipei 101, and then after a short cab drive stepping into the historical scene downtown at the “Snake Market”. Eating out (literally) on a table at the side of the road in the back street of the market, before taking of for a beer at Hooters which was .. refreshing.

When it comes to business we started of quite far away from having a good agreement with Taiwan Mobile. Still, with some luck and actually hard work – synchronised live with the team in Sweden – we could shake hand with Taiwan Mobile after they’ve lined up on a row starting with the developers and continued with the middle management and finally to the big boss himself. Cards were exchanged, off course. Bowing mandatory.

When leaving, Roger, Tom and I decided to go out for a last dinner while waiting for the airport taxi to arrive. We walked away to some local diner a quarter away from the hotel without telling anyone. After half an hour a guy from the hotel! nudged me polite on the back to tell me that my taxi had arrived and I should get going. A truly amazing find I’d say 🙂

Phuket, Thailand

Wow, it’s been 14 years since my last visit in Thailand. Though I’ve never been in Phuket due to the heavy tourism I was once again overwhelmed by this fabulous country. Jumped routes directly from Bangkok to Phuket and took a cab to Hill Top Resort where I found Roger by the pool with his laptop in his .. lap.

Turns out we’re staying just 20 metres from Rogers friend Jojjes’ house. Roger (as Roger White) was the former keyboard player and Jojje (George Swanson) the former drummer in the quite famous sleaze rock band Nasty Idols from Malmö. And.. it also turns out that Jojje is one of the owners of ROCK CITY down by the end of Bangla Road. Thee coolest rock club in Thailand! Tribute acts on the scene goes to Metallica and AC/DC. With a Philippine guy sweating his brains out as Angus Young and the Swedish guy Jim as James Hetfield. We had an awesome evening at the club as Jojjes’ guests and some folks from the Swedish television channel 5 doing the Håkan Bar, and it took a while to get back in shape the morning after. But waking up to the stunning view from the hills of Patong can cure just about anything.