FEX, Falsterbo Strandbad

The FEX Exhibition at Falsterbo Strandbad where we – as members of the board at VFFG Vellinge Falsterbonäsets FöretagarGrupp – talked with the visitors about what we do to make the everyday life for entrepreneurs in Vellinge kommun a little bit easier. Also in this picture Jasmina Krupic from Sundsgymnasiet. Very nice as always 🙂

Please visit VFFG for more information: http://www.vffg.se

Crisis Management, Malmö

Co-held a new session today about Crisis Management and “Krisappen” together with Pia Jansäter and Teddy Landén. At the mingle Asif Bokhari de Bustamante demonstrated some very good Spanish olive oil together with some wine, capers and cheese.

For further information please visit:

Teddy Landén, Constrictor Vision

Pia Jansäter, Jansäter Kommunikation

Asif Bokhari de Bustamante, Bustamante Promotions