Billigare mobilräkning med smart komprimering

Momail in Computer Sweden today.

Saltimporten, Malmö

So, from now on this is gonna be the new headquarters for InteraktionsBolaget. On the 6th floor at Saltimporten, Malmö Harbour.

Nice view including Öresund bridge and Turning Torso. And of course we have the Finnline ferry passing by just outside the window, making the whole building shake (so we won’t fall asleep while at work).

New York, USA

New York. The big apple!

Would love to have an office abroad over here. First time for me but most probably not the last.

So awesome: Ipad is launched here and it’s for sale this week!! Do I need one? Most definitely! Apple has a cool underground shop with a big, majestic glass entry. Quite crowded and almost one sales person per customer running around demonstrating the different devices.

Feels like we’re walking around in a movie!