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HD Sydsvenskan Growth Hack 2015

Jayway proudly represented at HD Sydsvenskan Growth Hack 2015. New challenges, new opportunities. Ideation @ scale. It’s all about “digitizing ideas”

IoT conference, Lund

Attending the 2015 IoT conference in Lund. Awesome, inspiring and just plain fun.

Jayway goes to Toledo

A great trip to one of Spains most beautiful cities, Toledo. Once the Capitol of Spain, not so far from Madrid 😉

After a pretty rough (day’n’nite) trip we arrived for 2 days of design management and soft skills activities followed by two relaxing and exploring days under the nice Toledo sun. Lots of fun, tapas, cerveza and of course Ronaldo and his Real Madrid live at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Awesome…

MFF – Olympiakos, Champions League

Champions League in Malmö! With Matthias, Ingenio Consulting Group watching MFF beat Olympiakos @ Swedbank arena. A big thank you for the awesome seats Ted, Sony Playstation 😉

Sony Xperia Lounge cake

Something you just can get enough of! Sorry to say it also means that Katarina (who made this awesome creation) is finally leaving the team for other adventures.

Agile @ Scale

Listening to Henrik Kniberg talking about agile @ scale, and his reflection on working in an agile environment. Truly great, as always.

CSPO, Stockholm

With Renas in Stockholm to finally get that Product Owner certification. Nice weather and a course at Citerus that was ever so pleasing when you get your diploma.

FIFA break

About as much cookies you can eat in just one break, when planning for the FIFA World Cup challenge implementation in Xperia Lounge. One awesome gaming experience coming up real soon, including a chance to challenge your friends when making predictions on your favorite teams and players.

Retrospective @ Sony Mobile Communications

Attending a truly thoughtful and innovative Retrospective journey facilitated by Mikael Rosenberg for the Xperia Lounge project at Sony Mobile Communications. My cudos to you for the enlightment Mikael.

Jayway team activity at Boule Bar, Malmö

As always, a very nice and fun team activity with the Sony Xperia Lounge team, Jayway @ Boule Bar. Not as easy as one might think. If you haven’t tried it out yet, just do!